Horizon Scanning Teaching

In a world of machine learning, language models and AI what will education be about? Will education be tailored to the individual and will cohorts still exist? How will society......

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Making Marking Merry

In the session we identify the perceived benefits of delivering immediate real-time audio feedback to learners upon the conclusion of their responses to assignments. We consider the concerns of assignment......

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Making Marking Fun

Feedback regarding assessment is perhaps considered a priority by students and consequently by institutions. While not looking to undermine the importance of ongoing feedback, we choose in this presentation to......

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Entrepreneurship Teaching for the Future

How does business and entrepreneurial education within the HE sector align with the needs of candidates? How does an individualistic attainment focused sector encourage authentic collaboration in a dynamic field......

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Composing processing spaces to prompt improvisation.

Does the act of creating performance processing spaces constitute composition? My personal compositional practice continues to sees an ongoing decline in interest in through composed works. Perhaps as a consequence......

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Ongoing experiments in making a frustrating, installation-based digital musical instrument.

In this paper we report on the early outcomes of the creation of an installation instrument, its aims and early results from its initial deployments. Our instrument explores non traditional......

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DIAD do dull dials dream of being desirable?

The dial as an interface is prevalent in many audio production systems, both hardware and software based. Dedicated purpose hardware dials, such as on a synthesiser, typically offer a variety......

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Dialling in A Dial - more than just a'round

One of the most common hardware interfaces, the simplest to make in many software environments and littered throughout the history of electronic music is the lowly dial. Even in the......

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The Locative Album System- The Early Experiments

Post the advent of the MP3 format, legal online music stores, YouTube and other legal streaming services the prioritisation and sale of the album has become signicantly reduced. This has......

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The Album Post Now

Following the advent of the MP3 format, legal online music stores, Youtube and other legal streaming services, the prioritisation and sale of the album has become significantly reduced. This has......

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Composing with Laptops and Friends

In examining the activities of the Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra I suggest the transferable skills and principles that laptop performance offers to cross discipline practitioners, especially within a teaching context......

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Digital Preservation with GIT

While livecoding continues to grow in practice and popularity the concerns of documenting actual performance become more critical. While the screen-cast method, popularised by TOPLAP, serves as a performance record......

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Notational Approaches for Laptop Ensembles

In this paper the authors will explore the notational approaches used while directing the Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra (HELO), HELOpg and other non meta-instrument based laptop ensembles. We will discuss......

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The Slime System

The laptop group ‘HELOpg’ operates as a non-unified ensemble, exploring individually designed interfaces without common hardware or software architecture. The diversity and independence of performers within the group is valued......

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Security in Network Connected Performance Environments

In this paper we highlight security issues created through the use of network connectivity in performance. We argue that an awareness of these issues can lead to more secure and......

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Jamming with Laptops and Friends

A bettakultcha presentation about Jamming with Laptops and Friends given at the 2010 Vitae Public Engagement Competition....

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Notation within Collaboration

Based on an ongoing collaboration we discuss the multi faceted collaboration between composer, technologist and performer....

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HELO The Laptop Ensemble As An Incubator For Individual Laptop Performance

In this paper we seek to outline the methodology and philosophy of the Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra (HELO). Placing the ensemble in context of similar work, we discuss the Do-It-Yourself......

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Chucking Not Patching

An introduction to ChucK for Max programmers....

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The Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra

An early report into the initial happenings of the Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra....

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Network Performance in Max

Detailing the current use of network technologies with my current performance practice I highlight the potential for network technologies to empower composers and performers through new possibilities....

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Sound Communication A Standard Syntax for Inter-Application, Inter-Device And Inter-Player Communication Over OSC

This paper offers a standard message format for easy intercommunication over a network, between laptop performers within a drop-in improvisation session. It is based on OSC-like reserved namespaces, namely /test,......

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OSC Scheme

A presentation regarding the development of the SimpleOSC namespace system....

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